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Exclusive Private Heels Dance PartyReviews

Jessica's profile picture

Jessica B.

San Diego Bachelorette

So much fun and so empowering once you get out of your comfort zone!

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Alaina R.

San Diego Bachelorette

Best experience of the weekend!!


Maya R.

San Diego Bachelorette

I love Certified Baddie classes! Sylvie is a great teacher and the energy in her classes is always positive and fun! I highly recommend taking a class, no matter what level of dancer you are!

San Diego Bachelorette

Sylvie’s Certified Baddie class has made a huge impact in my life. I started her classes in July and have been going since! Her classes have made me a more confident person and has helped me improve as a dancer as well. I’m blessed she’s my teacher and friend, and proud to be a Certified Baddie!

San Diego Bachelorette

The HIGHLIGHT of my Bach weekend forsure! Thanks for making us look like baddies!