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What We Believe In

BACH takes away all of the pain points of group travel so people don’t have to worry about anything outside of having an amazing time with friends. Our team lives for having these experiences with their loved ones and builds our business to facilitate these experiences for our community. Because at the end of the day, what really matters in life is time with people you care about. And also, sometimes it's okay to just have a little fun!

And we don't just want to provide an average, B grade, experience. We're striving for an A+. That's why we're focusing on Bachelorette parties first. We're going narrow and deep, committing to a niche with high potential that we can own. It's just the beginning. But we're beginning with a bang 💥

Our Values

🏋🏽  Be lean and mean. We aren’t a typical tech company, raising millions to never turn a profit. Net revenue is our north star to gauge success. We raise funds not because we need them, but because investors are bidding to have a piece of our company and we want to accelerate growth.No vanity metrics. The product is the core of the business, we should thrill our customers and make their lives easier and more fun.

🚰  Be transparent.We’re lucky to be a small team that is nimble. Everyone takes ownership of their respective domain. We don’t backchannel conversations; we are upfront, open, and honest. We want to be vulnerable, and to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses so we can help fuel each other where needed.

💰  Have a hustle mentality.We take time to be inquisitive. Instead of pushing concerns until later we address them head on. Hustle means figuring out the things you’re curious about. It may take nights and weekends. It definitely takes grit. The business’ success does not revolve around a 40, 50, 60 hour work week. It’s not about thinking about today and looking back and feeling content. It’s about doing whatever it takes to keep the business moving forward. Take on things that will 10X the business instead of just checking off the necessary boxes.

👂  Let the people who use our product, build the product.If we understand our customers, our product will lead its own growth. We want to build a community where users can interact with each other, and build a hub where they can share insights and resources with each other. The BACH product will house planning and booking tools, but the user base will build the community that is required for the product to be sticky.

💪🏽  Be autonomous.The team is in this for the long haul, we want to preserve longevity and avoid burnout. We encourage mental strength through fitness, being active, and general well being outside of work. If you need a break, take a break. We’re in this for the long haul and we support you being healthy.Everyone has their own autonomy to control their end of the business. You need to make sure you get your work done to push through your area of the business. It will be up to you to bring on support when it's necessary to avoid creating any bottlenecks or issues.All decisions will be calculated and not off ego. We take rational decision making seriously. We will set thresholds in place to determine when to scale appropriately. Work hard until you feel like you’re at your limit; you will have the clearest idea of the support you need at that moment.

🎨  Creative flow is our superpower.We’re a remote first company, but picture us like a team of gamers who have played together for years and have become best friends online. It will only make the times we’re in person that much sweeter. We’ll aim to host monthly meetings in person. We’re going to have semi-annual meetups in a retreat setting. To keep the vibe going in between, we’re going to set up hack days (but we call them innovations days because it's not just the engineers who want to work on cool projects!) and constantly build up our remote culture by switching things up and try new things to keep a creative flow going. When it comes to your own schedule, keep time open for yourself to work on creative projects, stack your meetings, then use your free time/night to wrap up and get ahead. It’s important that you mark time aside every day for creative work and to make sure you’re not just checking off a to-do list.

💗  Take time for yourself.If you're not feeling it today, then take time to yourself. If something goes down personally (or something happened in the world during these crazy times), you don't need to provide any excuses. Just cancel what you need to and say ME TIME. That will be our safe word to just shut off for the time being.

👀  Let's talk optics.We don't want a team of managers; that promotes politics. We would rather have coaching. A sign of moving up is not managing people and having people on your team. Moving up, to us, is about consistently pushing the ball forward for the company through thinking strategically, doing what you say you're going to do and having a clear impact on our business.

🎧  Protect your time.You don't have to work at other people's pace or how they do things.  You need to protect your time so you can get done what you want to do for that day or week. We want you to have intention to your weeks and know the most important things you need to get done that day. We have one team member who has a lot of medical appointments during the day so she likes to Slack at all hours of the night. We have another team member who really likes to protect his nights and weekends to come back fully energized on Mondays. The two of them work insanely close together. We're all adults. So we believe if we all have the best intentions and trust each other, we can make it work, no matter our differences in work style preferences.

Perks and Benefits

Healthcare Benefits

We are proud to offer full healthcare benefits to our BACH team members.

Wellness Benefits

Got a favorite gym in the city? Let's talk about it. And also, if you like (mostly) friendly push-up competitions, we might have those too 💪

Unlimited Vacation

Because the foundation of our BACH team is trust and knowing yourself best.

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