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Suzy Wong’s Brunch & Drag Show with Meal & Drinks included (Alcohol a la carte) Reviews


18 Ratings

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Emily S.

Nashville Bachelorette

Most of the food was bland and not good. The actual drag show was awesome!

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Chantel F.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Melina R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Terrible food. Lovely people and servers.

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Sarah M.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Nashville Bachelorette

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Sydney T.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Joanna C.

Nashville Bachelorette

It was a great show awesome performers

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Kelly R.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Brie D.

Nashville Bachelorette

The girls wad great!!! The show was fun and interactive. The dancing the comedy everything was great!!! The food and drinks were absolutely delicious

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Emily C.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Alli D.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Megan P.

Nashville Bachelorette

Not only were the queens amazing to watch and hilarious, but the food you get was phenomenal! 10/10 would go again!

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Eve G.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Monica W.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Madeline G.

Nashville Bachelorette

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McKenna S.

Nashville Bachelorette

It was so much fun! It was nice to book through the BACH app & then only pay for the alcohol.

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Gena M.

Nashville Bachelorette

The drag show itself was great but the crowd was so unenthusiastic.

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Hailey S.

Nashville Bachelorette

The food was great and the entertainment was even better! It was my favorite group activity we did for our bachelorette trip. Such a fun, energetic atmosphere with some really talented Queens!

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Katie H.

Nashville Bachelorette

We were celebrating a bachelorette party and before leaving town we did the brunch. It was so much fun! The food was okay nothing to brag about but the show was fun and entertaining.

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Nashville Bachelorette

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Alanna B.

Nashville Bachelorette

The BEST time. We laughed so hard I could have watched the show all day it was great !

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Shannon H.

Nashville BACH

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Victoria S.

Nashville Bachelorette

The show was amazing. The queens were so fun and all the servers were great. Something we would definitely do again.

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Rolla B.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Mercedez S.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Deanna C.

Nashville Bachelorette

Suzy Wong’s Brunch and Drag show was so much fun! We weren’t sure what to expect from the brunch, but the food was great and there’s a variety of options to chose from. The Queens were A M A Z I N G! They made sure to interact with all the different parties and there was even a little surprise at the end with the male bartender! I would highly recommend this for any group looking for a good time and not just a traditional brunch.

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Carrigan P.

Nashville Bachelorette

Had such an amazing time! Everyone there was so nice and the performers were great. Will definitely be going back!!


Kirsten S.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our group unanimously agreed this was our favorite part of our entire trip. The Queens were funny, engaging and just overall amazing. With the show and food included, the price is unbeatable. 12/10 recommend to everyone!


Estela N.

Nashville Bachelorette

Definitely book this brunch. Loved the queens were Super funny. They went to every since table. Involved everyone in the show. I’m happy I booked with The Bach app because we saved tons of money. The food was included and the starts were delicious.


Tori J.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our experience of a bachelorette party of 7 was the best we could have imagined! The food was great, the entertainment was even better, we laughed for 2 straight hours! I would recommend this experience to anyone!!

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Angie E.

Nashville Bachelorette

So so fun! Such a good experience



Nashville Bachelorette

This brunch was just what we needed to start off our day! Ur was interactive and extremely exciting! Not to mention the Nashville cuisine being thrown in! So great!

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Reagan E.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Nashville Bachelorette

This show is a MUST for any girls trip! The Queens’ are so talented and entertaining, it’s such a fun atmosphere!The food & drinks were great as well!


Brittany K.

Nashville Bachelorette

Let me tell you it was truly the highlight of our trip! We went in October so the entire venue was decked out ceiling to floor in Halloween decor. From the minute we arrived, everyone was so kind and the staff was friendly. Every seat in the house had a great view to see the show and all the entertainers were fun and interactive. They even took the time to chat with our bride to be and make her feel special. The brunch was also really good, but even more were the tasty espresso martinis! We booked through the Bach app which made paying our check even easier. We would absolutely recommend checking out Suzy Wong’s to anyone in the area for a birthday, bachelorette trip, or simply looking for a great brunch experience. We will certainly be back on our next trip.

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Sudha G.

Nashville Bachelorette

It was amazing!! We had a lot of fun! Food was good too.


Hunter D.

Nashville Bachelorette

It was a blast. The queens were amazing, the food was great! Had a bar area you could hang out at while waiting for the show to start, then you were walked into a huge performing area for the show. Would definitely do it again!



Nashville Bachelorette

My friends and I came over to celebrate friends bachelorette and we all loved the show, had wonderful time, service was great- food and drinks came out quickly. Love to come back again.

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Erin N.

Nashville Bachelorette

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Nashville Bachelorette

It was very fun! The queens are super talented and very funny! The waiters are good too. Just make sure you read your bill before paying because we had to remind the bar that we paid for lunch in advanced

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Kaylea A.

Nashville BACH


Emily M.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our experience at Suzy Wongs brunch and drag show was great! The food was great but the entertainment was awesome! The performers did a great job of getting the audience engaged, would go back the next time we are in Nashville!


Jamie A.

Nashville Bachelorette

I planned a bachelorette party for my bestie and there was no way we weren't going to a drag show! We've seen shows in Portland a few times but nothing compares to the ladies in Nashville Suzy Wongs! So much energy and the choice in music was phenomenal! The moves on those ladies were impressive! Even our server was fantastic! Only thing I would change is the amount of talking in the beginning. Felt like the actual show was pretty short, but still a super fun time!


Ashton P.

Nashville Bachelorette

We had the best experience at Suzy wongs! Our server right from the start was hilarious and made our bride feel like a queen. The performers were beautiful and amazing and put on the best show! We still talk about our experience months later! Definitely will do this again when we are back in Nashville!


Angie R.

Nashville Bachelorette

We used this event to kick off my daughter’s bachelorette party and it was such a fun and exciting environment! Definitely set the pace for the weekend!


Charlene S.

Nashville Bachelorette

We loved Suzy Wongs because the entertainers were great and the drinks were strong.

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Nashville Bachelorette