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Nashville, TN

Music City Crawler: BYOB Party Bike Bar Crawl

  • 4.9 (85)
  • Starting at $35

What you'll do:
Jump onboard and crawl through Nashville's hopping bar scene with your bride-to-be on this hot pink party bike! Up to 15 guests can pedal through Music City on this bar crawl adventure as you move to the beat of the BACH's favorite tunes. This journey is BYOB, so make sure you pack everyone's favorite adult bevs for the onboard cooler (we'll supply the ice and cups, too). We'll take you by some of the greatest legendary bars in Nashville including Tootsies, Wild Horse Saloon, BB Kings, Honky Tonk Central, and Legends.

Why we love it for your BACH:

  • Why walk when you can crawl? (take your time checking out the bar scene)
  • Bride's requests by Bluetooth (connect your phone to the sound system for instant customization)
  • Um, it's pink (this party bike gives the Barbie convertible a run for its money)
  • Drink specials (BYOB + discounted drinks at select bars = your group saving dough)
  • BACH party staple (go ahead, get those woo's! warmed up)

About this vendor:
Nashville is known for country music, world-class honky-tonks, and pedal bars. The Music City Crawler gives your BACH an opportunity to enjoy these three passions, and create an experience you and fellow riders will never forget. It's the perfect way to share good times with friends as you pub crawl. Don't wait and miss all the fun—be sure to book your tour early!!

**No glass containers, please.**

4.9 (85 Reviews)

Heather's profile picture

Heather p.

Nashville Bachelorette

Music city crawlers was amazing! McKenna and Paige were absolutely amazing and we all had a blast!

Renee's profile picture

Renee a.

Nashville Bachelorette

The best time ever with them!!!! So entertaining. Highly recommend!!!

Jairyn's profile picture

Jairyn R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Paige and Kristen were AMAZING!!!! If I could give them a million stars, I would! They gave us the best deals and played the best music for everybody to enjoy! We were even able to become friends with the other party with us through them!

Alicia's profile picture

Alicia T.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was one of the two most fun things we did while in Nashville. 100% would recommend. The “number game” was so great that we kept playing it long after the pedal pub was over! If possible, probably worth it to book your own private bike for your party so that everyone is able to sit where they want and is able to get a pedal seat.

Jo's profile picture


Nashville Bachelorette

This was such a fun experience! Easily the highlight of our bachelorette activities!!!

Bianca's profile picture

Bianca D.

Nashville Bachelorette

the highlight of my sister’s bach weekend. danny & rachel made this such a fun experience!!

Lexy's profile picture

Lexy G.

Nashville Bachelorette

Kristen & Paige made our experience AMAZINING! Highly recommend for any bachelorettes going to Nashville

Sarah's profile picture

Sarah B.

Nashville Bachelorette

SO MUCH FUN, couldn't recommend more.

Rebecca's profile picture

Rebecca c.

Nashville Bachelorette

They were amazing. Had an fabulous time!! Will never look at a ManBun the same way ever again!! Took pics for us! Great memories

Loren's profile picture

Loren M.

Nashville Bachelorette

Absolutely incredible! Best part of our trip !!!

Madison's profile picture

Madison S.

Nashville BACH

BOOK THIS!!! This was the absolute highlight of our weekend and no one can stop talking about how much fun this was! Danny and Rachel are THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Charlcie's profile picture

Charlcie H.

Nashville Bachelorette

The girls were great! Very fun and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Savannah's profile picture

Savannah W.

Nashville Bachelorette

Amazing ! We had so much fun and McKenna and Paige made our experience so much better! Love them and highly recommend

Lindsay's profile picture


Nashville Bachelorette

Paige was awesome!!!

Brit's profile picture

Brit H.

Nashville Bachelorette

Great crew, good stops, would definitely recommend!

Jacquie's profile picture

Jacquie b.

Nashville Bachelorette

The girls had the best time, their driver was phenomenal - totally worth it!

Taylor's profile picture

Taylor D.

Nashville Bachelorette

Joe was great at keeping us all engaged and having the best time!

Carson's profile picture

Carson W.

Nashville Bachelorette

Great way to see Broadway. The hosts were amazing and our group had so much fun. Definitely recommend

Rachel's profile picture

Rachel R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Maggie and Page were amazing! 12/10 recommended doing the Music City Crawler, Maggie and Page were so much fun and had us laughing! I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough. By far the highlight of our bachelorette trip!

Mariah's profile picture

Mariah K.

Nashville Bachelorette

So much fun! Definitely one of the highlights of our weekend! This is definitely fun for bach parties who are looking to get a little lit 🔥

Peyton's profile picture

Peyton K.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was my second one and if you're a party group this is a must-do!!! Kristen and Steven were amazing and danced along with us the whole time.

Allie's profile picture

Allie H.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was the best time of our entire weekend! I think anyone would love to do this from city to country girls I loved every minute!

Danielle's profile picture

Danielle S.

Nashville Bachelorette

We booked this tour and it was SO much freakin fun!!! Request Maggie and Paige cause they were the shit! Played fun music, brought us to bars with discount shots, had the best time!!!

Abbey's profile picture

Abbey D.

Nashville Bachelorette

Paige and Maggie were AMAZING!!!!!! This tour is so much fun! My group wanted to ride around all day! Definitely a MUST DO when in Nashville!!

Toni's profile picture

Toni C.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was the most fun we had on the ENTIRE trip!!

Madison's profile picture

Madison K.

Nashville Bachelorette

Loved it! So fun and our girls were awesome!

Katie's profile picture

Katie W.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our tour guide was so awesome and really set the tone for our bike bar entertainment. We loved the ride, the games, and the stops along the way! Recommend if you like to burn your calories while you drink them and if you like unique tours.

Laken's profile picture

Laken P.

Nashville Bachelorette

Very fun! Book it

Rachel's profile picture

Rachel E.

Nashville Bachelorette

Maggie - our bartender was absolutely AMAZING. She had a huge impact on our trip to Nashville for my bachelorette weekend. 11/10 recommended this bike bar crawl, I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed! All around the best value considering how many similar services there are available.

Taylor's profile picture

Taylor W.

Nashville Bachelorette

Don’t even think about it, book it!! Great experience!

Karlee's profile picture

Karlee M.

Nashville Bachelorette

I can’t stress booking this enough! We wanted to stay on it all day long. It was so much fun!

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