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Premium Private Yacht Party for 2-6 Hours: Pristine Miami Cruise with Captain and Champagne, BYOB OptionalReviews


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Simone F.

Miami Bachelorette

Was so much fun. The boat was incredible. Captain Michael was the absolute best. Can’t wait to do it again!!

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Nicole D.

Miami Bachelorette

AMAZING TIME!!! They had all kinds of cute hats and decorations on the boat (that we didn’t have to pay for but we’re free to use!) that was amazing. Fun heart shaped floaties and letter boards - captain was so chill and the boat was SICK. Deff book!!!!

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Reshma N.

Miami Bachelorette

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Grace M.

Miami Bachelorette

Irina was amazing and the boat and the service and cleanliness was outstanding !!!! We all had so much fun and will definitely be doing this again!!! We were 30 min late and irina let us extend for 30 min to get our full 3 hours!

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Janushi P.

Miami Bachelorette

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Jess J.

Miami Bachelorette

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Lauren A.

Miami Bachelorette

This was a huge hit with the bride and the rest of the bridal party!! One of the highlights of the whole trip. We had the pleasure of having Captain Mike as our host and he was beyond amazing! His customer service was more than expected and let us all relax/party with ease.

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Miami Bachelorette

The boat was gorgeous, very clean, and organized. The bachelorette party presentation touches were very cute! Food and drinks were delicious. Captain Joe was so kind, professional, respectful and fun! Highly would recommend the whole experience and would definitely even do it again! Thank you!

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Alexandra V.

Miami Bachelorette

Amazing!!! Best part of the entire Bach weekend!!

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Marina J.

Miami Bachelorette

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Kayla S.

Miami Bachelorette

Stop what you’re doing and BOOK THIS. This was the most amazing experience and definitely completely made the bachelorette party. The boat was gorgeous; captain mike was great - the whole experience was A+

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Kelly M.

Miami Bachelorette

Awesome crew and experience. Thoroughly enjoy both ladies and meeting Captain Mike.

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Antonia B.

Miami Bachelorette

Such a fun time! We all loved the yatch! It was the best part of our trip!

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Emily J.

Miami Bachelorette

The crew was amazing! Super prepared! They had just about everything you could think of needing for a boat day.

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Aina A.

Miami Bachelorette

the boat was so nice with super cute decorations. everyone was really friendly and helpful. it was the most gorgeous day on the water, and we had the best experience!

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Erica S.

Miami Bachelorette

AMAZING! we loved Captain Mike and Skylar. Incredibly helpful we loved every second of the yacht! A highlight of the trip for our group of 13

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Miami BACH

Thank you Mike and Skyler for hosting Team BACH on our retreat! The yacht was incredible and the sunset views were breathtaking. It was great meeting you and getting to experience the friendly service our groups will encounter when they book. You made our trip!

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Miami BACH

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Miami BACH

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Hope J.

Miami Bachelorette

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Miami Bachelorette

Amazing experience but the captain was creepy after we all had been drinking.

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Hi,Thank you for leaving a review about your experience with this yacht charter. We have reached out to this vendor about your feedback and have been informed that this particular captain has been dismissed from their staff. If you would like to share more feedback about your experience, please contact us at and we would be happy to listen and provide more support if needed. The owner of this charter, Captain Mike, is excited to welcome all groups this summer and will always take your feedback seriously to provide the best experience for our bachelorette groups.

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Ginger m.

Miami Bachelorette

I wish we had had three days with Capt Mike! He took such good care of all the girls…this was the best bachelorette party ever! The whole day was so chill and he did everything to make the day perfect. His boat could not have been cleaner or more organized…he had everything covered and was the best bartender in Miami! We will bring our guys back and go out with Captain Mike again…. Thank you so much…they are still talking about how kind you are!! The world needs more Captain Mike’s

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Paige C.

Miami Bachelorette

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Nisha H.

Miami Bachelorette

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Stephanie A.

Miami Bachelorette

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Taylor S.

Miami Bachelorette

Captain Mike was absolutely PHENOMENAL! All of us girls had the most AMAZING time out on the boat. They decorated the entire boat and took the time to research my bride Pinterest board to ensure I loved every piece of decor on the boat. The food packages were amazing and so beautiful and delicious. Mike definitely made sure we had the best time of our lives and he definitely succeeded. He went above and beyond for us. I 100000% recommend!

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Keri M.

Miami Bachelorette

This deserves more stars! This was the PERFECT experience for a our bachelorette party of seven. Captain Mike and Maggie were absolutely phenomenal. I don’t recommend being hungover 😂 but it was still a blast. If you’re on the fence, DO IT! You will not regret it!

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Miami Bachelorette

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Amenda S.

Miami Bachelorette

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Shawna R.

Miami Bachelorette

This whole experience was awesome! Our Captain Mike provided world class customer service. He made sure we had everything we needed to make this trip a success.

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Natalie W.

Miami Bachelorette

Great experience!

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Leah H.

Miami Bachelorette

Everything was PERFECT!!

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Naona W.

Miami Bachelorette

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! The yacht was very nice, clean, perfect size, and Captain Mike was absolutely wonderful!!! We really enjoyed ourselves. I would definitely recommend this as an must do activity!!! We attended as a Bachelorette party of book and thank me later 😁

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Alexandria S.

Miami Bachelorette

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Paige W.

Miami Bachelorette

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Tanya P.

Miami Bachelorette

This Charter MADE our entire trip! There were 12 girls, and we truly could have not had a better time. The boat was incredible, the pictures were incredible, and the service was above and beyond. Capt Mike made everything so convenient and stress free. We will be back!

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Meredith H.

Miami Bachelorette

If you don’t charter this boat, then you didn’t really do Miami! Best part of our trip!!!

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Kelsey N.

Miami Bachelorette

Highlight of our trip. The boat is beautiful and the captain did a grad job of both an epic house tour of celeb homes and taking us to all the party spots in Miami. You can’t have a bachelorette party in Miami without this!!!!!!!

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Lina B.

Miami Bachelorette

Best part of the weekend. So much great Instagram content and we truly felt like ballers - don’t leave Miami until you’ve partied on a boat!