BACH Party Trends from the Fam

December 17, 2020

Here’s a quick scroll through some popular BACH party trends. Follow the party on Instagram to prevent major FOMO.

We are wigging out over this party trend

Balloon installations are really blowing up

He can’t come to the party, but he can still make a (temporary) appearance

This bride definitely has her “something old” worked out

Say farewell to your crushes of yesterday

Since we turned camping into glamping, do we call this a glicnic?

You have to keep the decorations tasteful

If it isn’t Cribs-worthy, it isn’t for my BACH

Still majorly impressed with this DIY bridal bling

We raised the roof right off of this one

This beachelorette is wedding-album ready

Splish splash I was celebratin’ my BACH

Palm Springs is always a good choice

Go big and stay home

Throwback: Here come the brides

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