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Candle or Perfume Making Experience with Complimentary Wine, Punch, and Delivery or ShippingReviews

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Alicia c.

Savannah Bachelorette

We arrived 10 min late for our 2pm appointment. When we arrived we were told our appointment was at 1pm which I told the owners husband that we both had communicated back and forth via email regarding this. It was extreme poor customer service on his behalf and really put a damper on our mood. He ended up being able to accommodate us which was great after I asked him what our next step was (will we get refunded?). Today, one of our candles caught on fire and we are going to request a refund.

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Amanda E.

Savannah Bachelorette

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Olivia S.

Savannah Bachelorette

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Karianna N.

Savannah Bachelorette

They were amazing! Tracy was so kind and genuine the whole time! I loved the whole thing!

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Brooke S.

Savannah Bachelorette


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Monica S.

Savannah Bachelorette

This place was amazing but after talking to the owner this app falsely advertised the free T-shirt’s