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Private Soundbath Relaxation image 1
Private Soundbath Relaxation image 1
Private Soundbath Relaxation image 1

Palm Springs, CA

Private Soundbath Relaxation

  • 1 Review
  • 1h
  • Starting at $450

What you’ll do:
Harmonize your BACH crew while enjoying a relaxing and intimate Soundbath experience. Don’t worry, you don’t actually get in a bathtub! A sound bath is a type of meditation using multiple crystal sound bowls and props to put your mind at ease.

Basically, you lie down with your eyes closed and let the sound waves from the crystal bowls massage your body and soothe your worries.. Bring wellness, deep relaxation, and exploration to the BACH’s body and mind before her big day. 🙌

Why we love it for your BACH:

  • The balanced BACH pre-game (harmonize the crew as you get ready for the night’s festivities)
  • Destress before the wedding (help the bride-to-be unwind before tying the knot)
  • Try something new (I mean, when else would you try this?)

About this vendor:
Luv Collective is here to help bring connection into your life, whether that be through a group event or individual wellness service. They empower their community to focus on self-love, confidence, and compassion, and to then bring that forward into the world.

Co-founders of Luv Collective, Lilia and Olivia, launched the platform after realizing the amount of stress that all brides go through leading up to weddings. They wanted to make it easy for brides (and their friends and family) to find a collective of wellness practitioners all in one booking experience. Chat with their team of experts to create the perfect package for you and your crew!

Additional info:

  • Session is for one hour
  • You will want to wear comfortable clothing for you to lie down in and cozy blankets to keep you warm and relaxed
  • Luv Collection guide will come to your desired location (Airbnb, hotel, etc) and provide all necessary materials (crystal sound bowls, aromatherapy).


“She was soooo knowledgeable and generous with her time, and brought a loving but honest perspective to what we shared with her. We all left more informed and feeling so much love.” ~Yasmin, girl’s weekend Sound Bath

“Booking a Sound Bath through Luv Collective was one of the best decisions we made when planning a retreat. Our practitioner [Maria] was truly the most perfect person to come and guide our group of creative women in our mountain cabin. Her Sound Bathing was simply magical, energetic, beautiful and such a great experience for us to have at our creative retreat. Thank you so much to Luv Collective for helping us create the experience we had only dreamt about.” ~Piper, Seattle Retreat, Soundbath

Booking Options

1-5 People

Estimated price per person: $37.50 - $100.00

Starting at $450.00/party

6-10 People

Estimated price per person: $37.50 - $100.00

Starting at $600.00/party

11-20 People

Estimated price per person: $37.50 - $100.00

Starting at $750.00/party

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