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Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 14
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 1
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 2
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 3
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 4
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 5
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 6
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 7
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 8
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 9
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 10
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 11
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 12
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 13
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 14
Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas image 1

Nashville, TN

Music City Murals Party Bus Tour with Moonshine & BYOB Mimosas

  • 4.8 (275)
  • 2h
  • Starting at $40

What you’ll do:
Climb aboard our party bus for a BYOB boozy 2-hour tour of Nashville’s iconic and colorful murals! You will have the opportunity to hop off and take many one-of-a-kind pictures of your group in front of Music City's most famous murals to post from your celebratory weekend. The number of stops is based on how long you stay at each mural. Your fun, friendly driver will be your expert guide and personal iPhone photographer. Make sure you read the reviews from other bachelorette groups to see just how much they love our drivers! You’ll drink and dance to the bride-to-be’s favorite beats as you cruise from stop to stop for your squad's next photoshoot. Bring all the drinks you want—we'll provide orange juice (for mimosas), cups, ice and a cooler to keep everything cool and convenient. Want to stop for a free moonshine tasting while seeing the "I Believe in Nashville" and "Nashville Looks Good On You" murals? Just ask your driver!

Please note: This party tour was formerly known as our "Mimosas & Murals Party Tour." Due to recent changes in Nashville law, this vendor can no longer provide the champagne for this party bus. However, prices have been adjusted to account for this change and you're welcome to bring your own! Orange juice, cups, ice and a cooler are still provided.

Why we love it for your BACH:

  • Don’t stop the party (keep the drinks flowing while in transit)
  • BYOB (yes, please—bring your favorite bevs along for the ride!)
  • Dance throughout the route (a party bus is essential bach party transportation)
  • Instagrams for days (iconic murals filling your camera roll)
  • 12 rockin’ speakers (to blast the bride's favorite beats)

About this vendor:

Nashville Party Barge offers the most unique tours of Nashville. Feel the breeze on your face while you enjoy chilled BYOB drinks. Jam out to your favorite tunes as you "float" down Broadway with 360 views. We provide cups, a cooler, ice, and the opportunity for making memories with your friends and family.

Additional Information:

Up to 18 guests per tour. Groups smaller than 6 riders will be combined.

BYOB or have delivered to our shop at 400 Davidson Street, 37213

4.8 (275 Reviews)

Deanna's profile picture

Deanna C.

Nashville Bachelorette

This is a great idea for any group looking to get some cute pics in Nashville! We did the early tour at 10 am and we avoided all the lines. Highly recommend if your bride enjoys this.

Jessica's profile picture

Jessica R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Great time and great experience with the expert driver/photographer extraordinaire!

Heather's profile picture

Heather M.

Nashville Bachelorette

We had an amazing time! Our driver Scott was so awesome! We got to play our own music & he took us to the best murals! Took LOTS of pictures and was an all around great time!

Molly's profile picture

Molly S.

Nashville Bachelorette

So much fun!!!! Donnie was the best and took the most perfect pictures of our group! Highly recommend!!

Laure's profile picture

Laure H.

Nashville Bachelorette

So fun! Did not expect our driver to take picture and pose us, but he got out with us and did!! So fun to go around and do this! Bring extra alcohol, we ran out and did not plan the right amount.

Sydney's profile picture

Sydney M.

Nashville Bachelorette

An absolute must for any bachelorette party big or small. Hunter was fantastic and such a blast. Be sure to pull around to the back of the building to find where you’re supposed to be!

Ashley's profile picture

Ashley L.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was an awesome tour! Zach was the best host and was so nice and kept us all safe! I would definitely book this tour again! I highly recommend it! You get to see so many sights of Nashville and the murals are amazing!! Our whole bachelorette party thought it was awesome!

Sienna's profile picture

Sienna G.

Nashville BACH

hands down the BEST thing me & my girls did the whole weekend. yes yes yes , book it !!! you will not regret it . donnie was our driver & we had a BLAST! he took the best pictures & it was hands down the best experience of the trip!

Jordan's profile picture

Jordan W.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was a great way to see the famous murals without having to Uber all over town. We had a great time & our driver was excellent {and clearly had lots of practice on all the good angles for the pics!}

Chelsea's profile picture

Chelsea O.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was a perfect day time activity for our group. Donnie was the best! He took the best pics & gave us so many fun poses to do as a group. Loved that we could play our own music and play what our Bride wanted to listen to. Overall, SO MUCH FUN.

Maddie's profile picture

Maddie L.

Nashville Bachelorette

Scott is the MAN! Had the best time with him! Can’t wait to come back with my girls again! His pictures and fun attitude made this the best experience EVER!!

Alicia's profile picture

Alicia T.

Nashville Bachelorette

This experience defied all of our expectations and ended up being everyone’s favorite thing we did the entire weekend. Our driver (Scott) was exceptional. He was fun, worked all the angles, helped us loosen up, and took us to a fun Moonshine place that every single Bach party should visit! We started out tame and ended up rowdy— so much fun!

Bridgett's profile picture

Bridgett R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Pray that you have Scott as your driver! He was PHENOMENAL! He seriously made our trip the absolute best!

Shelby's profile picture

Shelby K.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was one of the highlights of our trip! So much fun! Our driver / photographer was Donnie and he was the best! I still can’t believe how great his photos turned out. Take the tour, you won’t regret it!

Abby's profile picture

Abby B.

Nashville Bachelorette

Scott was awesome!! He knew all the poses & took all the photos for us! Took us to the murals we wanted & poured all the drinks. Took us to a moonshine tasting. Smoothing driving. Very fun & helpful! Thanks for an amazing time!!

Hailey's profile picture

Hailey L.

Nashville Bachelorette

SO MUCH FUN! Totally worth it, I would recommend to anyone!!

Kelsie's profile picture

Kelsie D.

Nashville Bachelorette

Scott was amazing. He gave us drinks, took us shopping, was an amazing photographer & of course he knows all the poses! Scott definitely made our tour so much fun with his bubbly personality. Also, the moonshine tasting was a great surprise to us. Overall this experience was awesome and we would definitely all do it again :)

Payton's profile picture

Payton T.

Nashville Bachelorette

So much fun & perfect way to make our way around Nashville! Our tour guide Scott was AMAZING!! He took so many pictures & boomerangs of our group and even suggested poses! Such a fun atmosphere

Nicole's profile picture

Nicole R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our driver, Tyler, was so fun and polite! And the girls I met on this bus were amazing!

Brittany's profile picture

Brittany D.

Nashville Bachelorette

Oh my gosh!! Such a fun time like seriously the best time. Everyone had a blast! Not only was there free mimosas but then free moonshine tasting! Also stopped for jelly shots! 10/10 would recommend. Scott was our driver! He was hands down the best. He was not only our driver but also our photographer and bartender! He did everything to make us have the best trip. He took not only photos but videos and boomerangs. He was a blast! He knew everyone at all our stops. It was truly a great experience!

Briana's profile picture

Briana B.

Nashville Bachelorette

They were amazing!! So much fun and helped us pose. He was perfect!

Kalleann's profile picture

Kalleann S.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was such a FUN experience!!! Hunter was our driver and he was very accommodating and made sure we were taking care of and felt comfortable. He was extremely personable and professional. Would highly recommend Hunter. Our two hours flew by because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Mimosas was ice cold and strong. We got to play our own music. Being able to drink, dance, and interact with people passing by was amazing. 10/10 would recommend. TRUST ME!

Clare's profile picture

Clare R.

Nashville Bachelorette

this was so fun!!!! 10/10

Laramie's profile picture

Laramie J.

Nashville Bachelorette

Such a good experience! Well worth it!

Rebecca's profile picture

Rebecca c.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was so much fun! Highly recommend this! Jeremy was great at getting photos for us! So many memories!! Amazing

kylie's profile picture

kylie a.

Nashville Bachelorette

this was an awesome experience. our driver donny was amazing. took such great pictures of our group and always made sure our bride was having fun! would definitely recommend this tour for your trip. it’s a must.

Aleah's profile picture

Aleah T.

Nashville Bachelorette

AMAZING, the best party bus tour, also was the most + best drunk I got in Nashville all week 🤣

Hannah's profile picture

Hannah S.

Nashville BACH

This is my favorite thing my girls and I did on my bachelorette trip! So fun and our guide Hunter was AMAZING! Would recommend to everyone and would definitely do it again if I ever go back to Nashville! ☺️

Rebecca's profile picture

Rebecca A.

Nashville Bachelorette

A MUST DO!! Our driver was literally a professional photographer! Jeremy was a great driver and was soooo much fun!

Kelly's profile picture

Kelly M.

Nashville Bachelorette

The most amount of fun with delicious drinks, loud music and beautiful murals! Such a unique tour that was private and worth every penny.

Celene's profile picture

Celene J.

Nashville Bachelorette

Scott our driver was soooo nice and fun! Definitely would recommend

Courtney's profile picture

Courtney C.

Nashville Bachelorette

This tour was so worth it! Our group had a blast and would def do it again.

Lauren's profile picture

Lauren S.

Nashville Bachelorette

So much more involved in this tour than we thought! It was so much fun and the perfect way to get photos with all of the iconic murals.

Lydia's profile picture

Lydia F.

Nashville BACH

Our driver was so great and so interactive!!

Kelsey's profile picture

Kelsey H.

Nashville Bachelorette

We booked this experience last minute before heading to Nashville and I couldn’t be happier that we did! This tour was our first time stepping out into nash after arriving and boy was it a welcoming party! Our driver was AMAZING and we got all the cute group shots!! So many Mimosa’s we couldn’t even finish and we had a group of 13! SO WORTH IT!

Emily's profile picture

Emily S.

Nashville Bachelorette

Tyler was AWESOME! highly recommend this!

Sarah's profile picture

Sarah T.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was the perfect tour for a Chill revovery Sunday morning. We loved every part of it.

Crystal's profile picture

Crystal S.

Nashville Bachelorette

Best tour ever!

Ayesha's profile picture

Ayesha G.

Nashville Bachelorette

We had the best time! Definitely recommend this one!

Hannah's profile picture

Hannah J.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our driver (Jeremy) was the best! Made it so much fun even at 10am! 10/10 would recommend this & would love to do it again!

Samantha's profile picture

Samantha S.

Nashville Bachelorette

This is a MUST!!! We did this with a group of 15 girls and they provided enough mimosas for everyone to have at least 2 and they were so good! You’ll get to go to some really cool murals and make a stop for restrooms half way through. If you’re considering a tour this is the one you need! Ask for Jeremy as your tour guide!

Kara's profile picture

Kara K.

Nashville Bachelorette

Doing this was the best decision we made! It was so much fun and our driver was so much fun!

Cameron's profile picture

Cameron C.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was so so fun!!! Our driver was amazing!!! Everyone loved this and we were a group of 10!

Jayna's profile picture

Jayna H.

Nashville Bachelorette

Tyler was an amazing host and his photography skills were impeccable! FIVE STARS FOR TYLER AND THIS TOUR!

Kia's profile picture

Kia G.

Nashville Bachelorette

I wanna book this experience in every city ever. Will definitely book every time I’m in Nashville. Get ready to get lit very fast!!

Tori's profile picture

Tori N.

Nashville Bachelorette

we had the BEST time!! tyler was the best driver & an even better photographer🤩

Sarah's profile picture

Sarah N.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was such a fun experience! Our driver, Brett, was phenomenal. We were able to jam to music of our choice via Bluetooth, have drinks of our choice along with the mimosas provided. Our driver was so patient as he doubled as our photographer, too. 12/10 recommend for any visit to Nash, not just a bachelorette party!

Cydney's profile picture

Cydney B.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was the most fun I had while down there! 10/10 recommend!! We did the 10am tour and it was a perfect time because their were no long lines to wait in for the murals.

Rachel's profile picture

Rachel S.

Nashville Bachelorette

So much fun! Great group activity. We loved our driver and the mimosas were perfect!

Hannah's profile picture

Hannah W.

Scottsdale Bachelorette

We had so much fun doing this tour only bad thing is it wasn’t long enough! We couldn’t get enough! Definitely worth it!

Brooke's profile picture

Brooke T.

Nashville Bachelorette

This bus was great! It was freezing outside, but the bus was enclosed and warm. Plenty of mimosas and Zach was an awesome driver. He took our group photos for us and they turned out AMAZINGLY! All the girls loved him! We did the 10am tour on a Sunday and there weren’t lines for the murals.

Cadea's profile picture


Nashville Bachelorette

Very much enjoyed, great option to have fun and getting some good pictures. Drivers were very friendly!

Camryn's profile picture

Camryn D.

Nashville Bachelorette

This tour is THE BEST experience. I plan to do it again for every other birthday/event that gives me an excuse to drink mimosas and dance.

Marisol's profile picture

Marisol H.

Nashville Bachelorette

Great experience, my girls and I had an amazing time. Our driver Zach was great!!

Chrissy's profile picture

Chrissy O.

Nashville Bachelorette

So much fun ! Tyler was AMAZING !!

Grace's profile picture

Grace L.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was so much fun!!! Jeremy was our driver and he was the best. This is a great activity for a large group and is nice to just dance and have fun on the bus!

Jenni's profile picture

Jenni S.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was so much fun! Our driver, Jeremy, was funny and great to work with! He even helped us pose and took all our pictures! There were plenty of mimosas to go around, and a good amount of murals. Would definitely do again!

Megan's profile picture


Nashville Bachelorette

This was the BEST thing we did in Nashville! The entire bachelorette trip had such an amazing time! Hunter went above and beyond (even in the rain) to make sure we had such a fun time!

Ashley's profile picture

Ashley M.

Nashville BACH

So much fun! Be ready to plug your phone in and have a playlist ready for less time wasted playing DJ

Crystal's profile picture

Crystal B.

Nashville Bachelorette

Tyler was out driver and he was fun and very lenient with our group on what we wanted to do! We had a blast and had plenty of mimosas! This was highlight of our trip

Samantha's profile picture

Samantha M.

Nashville Bachelorette

One of the best parts of our trip! Hunter was our driver and he was incredible. Showed us a lot of the city and knew how to keep us having a great time.

Kendall's profile picture

Kendall D.

Nashville BACH

The whole group loved this tour! We had the whole bus to ourselves and mimosas were great! Jeremey was a great driver. Highly recommended!

Katlyn's profile picture

Katlyn W.

Nashville Bachelorette

SO MUCH FUN! @Tyler is the best!

Katrina's profile picture

Katrina R.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our group had a blast! Our driver was so fun. Definitely would recommend!

Danielle's profile picture

Danielle S.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was SO much fun and Tyler our tour guide was so much fun! He took the best pictures for us!!!

Abbey's profile picture

Abbey D.

Nashville Bachelorette

Tyler was AWESOME! 10000% recommend!

Katie's profile picture

Katie S.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was a laid back, set your own tone kind of party. Our driver was amazing!

Kelsie's profile picture

Kelsie g.

Nashville Bachelorette

Literally the best! We had so much fun and got the best pictures!!!

Puja's profile picture

Puja A.

Nashville Bachelorette

No issues booking through Bach app. They had our reservation ready. Everything ran timely.

Michelle's profile picture

Michelle C.

Nashville Bachelorette

Our group loved this tour! We got to see a different side of Nashville and didn’t feel like your stereo typical bachelorette on Broadway. Zach was great, and took some awesome photos. Would definitely recommend for a fun time.

Leslie's profile picture

Leslie M.

Nashville Bachelorette

Loved it! So much fun! Jesse our tour guide was awesome! He took a ton of pictures for us!

Tanasi's profile picture

Tanasi O.

Nashville Bachelorette

Tyler was super friendly and social. He brought the energy and made us feel super comfortable and helped us let loose. Would highly recommend!

Katie's profile picture

Katie W.

Nashville Bachelorette

This tour was the highlight of our trip! We were singing, drinking, and having a blast taking photos all around the city. This was such a cool way to see Nashville!

Ally's profile picture

Ally H.

Nashville Bachelorette

Was such a fun time! They provided the mimosas. We got to play our on music and dance while they took us to different murals around Nashville.

Maddie's profile picture

Maddie D.

Nashville Bachelorette

So fun!

Ashley's profile picture

Ashley D.

Nashville Bachelorette

This tour was a BLAST!! Brandon was the best driver and made the tour even better than expected! We left so happy and vibes high!

Kristen's profile picture

Kristen B.

Nashville Bachelorette

Highly recommend! Brian our driver was awesome and took us to some amazing murals and took great photos of our group. I would definitely do it again. Highlight of our trip.

Debbie's profile picture

Debbie J.

Nashville Bachelorette

This was a great ride! Great drinks and our driver was awesome!! Even with rain it was a lot of fun!

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