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Magic Mike Live Las Vegas: First Class Entertainment for your PartyReviews

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Allison R.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Rosalva P.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Kathy J.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Casey H.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Jen M.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

This show was great! We were placed not right up front (as the tickets said we would) but we were close to the stage. It is definitely a show and it’s good entertainment if you want something sexy but not too scandalous. My group wanted all the sex appeal so we are a little disappointed and being the bride I wasn’t selected up on stage which kinda bummed me out but otherwise it was really good!

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Marleine C.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

A must do! All the ladies had a great time!

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Michelle M.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Priscilla T.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Chelsea C.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

This. Show. Was. AMAZING!!!!!! Way better than Thunder From Down Under! Interactive and not sleazy. Such a great time!!! BEST part of the whole trip!


Ashley E.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

Magic Mike Live Las Vegas was truly one of our top experiences while in Vegas for my bestie’s Bach! Booking through The BACH app was super easy and convenient too. Everyone was super impressed with the quality of this production and it was so interactive making us hoot, holler, and laugh the whole time! There’s eye candy for all tastes, you will not regret! Xo

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Kristiana N.

Las Vegas Bachelorette



Bessie B.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

Magic Mike Live was quite an experience. I still talk about it till this day. The show was amazing. I love that it is small and intimate. The performance is on point from the performers to the set up and ambiance of the show.

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Jaymee R.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

Omg 10/10 you have to go to this!!!! Best show in Vegas!!!!!

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Sara C.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

This show was a perfect way to celebrate our bride! We had so much fun.

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Anika S.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

Great show and amazing experience


Bridget R.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

The show was really entertaining! It was perfect for a bachelorette party. It wasn’t too long and the dancing was really good, I would definitely go again!

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Tessa Z.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

Our group had a great time at the show! Even though we weren’t right up front we still got plenty of interaction from the men. Definitely a must-see for bachelorette parties!

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Shannon F.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

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Jessica T.

Las Vegas Bachelorette



Las Vegas Bachelorette

It was such a smooth event! Enjoyed it all!

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Crystal P.

Las Vegas Bachelorette

Show was amazing. Communication from the BACH app was not.

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Katie W.

Las Vegas Bachelorette