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BACH is a mobile app and planning tool for bachelor and bachelorette groups to discover and book incredible experiences from start to finish. The platform's mission stems around inspiring adventure for travelers while reducing the inherent pain points of group travel related to accommodations, activities, nightlife, payments, logistics and beyond. Its seamless interface allows users to collaborate and share a group itinerary, chat with guests, track and split expenses, and purchase experiences all in-app.

BACH launched in September of 2019 in select cities. We’re currently live in 14 markets including Nashville, Miami, Austin, and Scottsdale. The Growth Lead is paramount to our success.

The Role: Growth Lead

User Acquisition

Lifecycle Marketing

Product-Led Growth

Cross-Functional Collaboration
We are a small startup team, so many of these efforts will be combined with those of other departments including business development, creative, and product development. You will identify strengths and weaknesses in your toolset and utilize the team to complete these objectives, and possibly manage contracted work for areas in which we need additional support.

Required Experience

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