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Business & Customer Operations Associate

BACH is a mobile app and planning tool for bachelor and bachelorette groups to discover and book incredible experiences from start to finish. The platform's mission stems around inspiring adventure for travelers while reducing the inherent pain points of group travel related to accommodations, activities, nightlife, payments, logistics and beyond. Its seamless interface allows users to collaborate and share a group itinerary, chat with guests, track and split expenses, and purchase experiences all in-app.

BACH launched in September of 2019 and is closing in on 1MM+ users in its first few months–continuing to grow 100% MoM. BACH is launching marketplaces for groups to discover and book experiences on the app in select cities. We’re currently live in Nashville, Miami, Las Vegas, Austin, New Orleans, Savannah, and Scottsdale, with additional cities launching throughout 2020 and beyond. The Business & Customer Operations Associate role is paramount to the success of our rapid growth.

The Role: Business & Customer Operations Associate

You will be at the intersection of our customers and our merchant partners, driving equal success to both before, during, and after fulfillment. You must be willing to jump into various tasks spanning from B2B/B2C relations, product, marketing, and beyond. Your focus will be developing business and customer relations to promote retention and loyalty.

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