Picking the right BACH pad and setting it up for your party is essential, and we have a few tricks up our party planning sleeve to help upgrade your space. It’s all about the decor, the perf photo ops, and adding little details throughout the weekend that make the bride—and the guests—feel special. Read on for a few simple ideas that make a big impact without all the stress.

Bonus: Make sure you scroll to the bottom—we’re sharing some of our favorite setups from Mingle to inspire our overachieving party planners. We know you’re out there!

Something That “Pops”

Sure, we’ve all seen the classic “BRIDE” balloons at every BACH, and you definitely can’t go wrong with that. But how about taking it to the next level with the most extra, over the top balloon moment ever...because go big or go home, right? 

Raise a Glass

Let’s be real, the shots and Claws will be flowing all weekend, but pick one night to mix up a signature cocktail for a special pre-game or happy hour at the house. It’s easy to find a recipe that reminds you of the bride-to-be, so just give it a unique name that’s fitting just for her, and you’re all set. Beyoncé fan? Try this one:

Strike a Pose

Everyone loves a good Insta moment. Make it easy for your guests to earn those “likes” by setting up a perfect backdrop. You can even use your drinks—try building a tower of canned cocktails or seltzers, which we love because it makes a great photo prop and provides an easy way to grab a drink in a snap!

Crown Your Crew

Flower crowns aren’t just for Coachella. Ditch the usual “Bride Tribe” tanks and crown all the girls in your BACH crew with a stylish headpiece. Set up a cute flower crown table and you’ll have a fun activity and decorative area for the group! They’re fun to wear, you’ll smell great, and it makes for a great prop in pics. Move over Kate, there’s a new princess in town.

Glam It Up

One of the worst parts of sharing a house is the girl-to-bathroom ratio. There’s always the one who spends hours on hair and makeup making you nearly miss your dinner resy. Treat the beauty-obsessed by bringing the glam squad to them with an on-demand beauty service. All you gotta do is pour the drinks, let them work their magic, and you’re ready for a night on the town.

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Bonus: Our 10 Favorite Setups from Mingle

Making a spectacle of the staircase is always a great idea, and the tropical greens are the perfect touch for a beach BACH

If you’re lucky enough to land a pad with a pool, don’t overlook your opportunity to get creative outside

Entryways and heavy traffic walkways are great places to constantly remind people that they’re here to celebrate

Okay I know this was for kids, but why should they get all the fun?

Letter balloons make it too easy to customize your look for the bride! Try skipping “Bride” and “She Said Yes!” and make it more personal with her nickname or a funny inside joke among the group

Every friend group has a girl with a mermaid obsession and Mingle is ready to help them celebrate

If covid has you ditching your big dinner out, make the kitchen and dining room fun places to hang out at the AirBNB

And don’t forget something fun for the table!

Keep your bride’s favorite colors or the party’s theme in mind when coming up with classy palettes

This is especially important when setting up the bride’s bedroom, a classic move we’ll always recommend

Mingle a full service balloon boutique that services both local and online customers. Located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL alongside the most gorgeous white sandy beaches in the Florida panhandle. Follow their Instagram for more decoration inspiration!

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Bachelorette party planning made easy.
BACH is the #1 app for bachelorette party planning and booking experiences.
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Bachelorette party planning made easy.
BACH is the #1 app for bachelorette party planning and booking experiences.
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Bachelorette party planning made easy.

BACH is the #1 app for bachelorette party planning and booking experiences.

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