Trimiesha’s Quarantine Bootcamp

April 30, 2020

Brides all know the challenge of working out to fit into that bikini for our bachelorette party and most importantly—our wedding dress. COVID-19 can definitely make it more challenging now that we can’t go to the gym. BUT it doesn’t have to be.

Now that we’re helping others stay safe by staying home, my fiancé and I have invested in a few products from Amazon where we can still burn the amount of calories we would have burned if we were going to the gym or favorite workout class.

Bungee Cord
Strengthen your upper and lower body when dumbbells aren't an option. A bungee cord is very easy to use—just put the cord around a secure and stable anchor, like a nearby tree or pole. The further away you stand the more resistance you’ll get. I really enjoy applying these to enrich many bodyweight workouts such as standing chest press, standing flys, rows squatting or sitting.

My favorite on Amazon

Large Resistance Bands
I learned to love to lift, and my bodyweight is not enough when trying to grow upper and lower body muscles. Especially working towards growing a nice 🍑. These resistance bands can be added to any squat, lunge, leg lift, single leg abduction, standing kickback and upper body exercise to have you working hard and give you a great body stretch. I really enjoy tying them around the lower part of a secure and stable anchor (such a pole) to extend my core workouts such as v-ups, flutter kicks, leg raises, and crunches, not allowing your arms past your eye sight when pulling on the cord as you complete your ab exercise.

My favorite on Amazon

Wobble Balance Board
Improve your balance and coordination while strengthening those sweet glute and leg muscles.

My favorite on Amazon

Yoga Mat
Whether yoga is your thing, or you’re working on strengthening your abs, a yoga mat is a must have.

Probably the best cardio since I won't run (unless I'm running towards something I love or away from someone) and the stairmaster and elliptical aren’t options right now. 

My favorite on Amazon

Probably my favorite out of all my workout equipment is that sweet little sweatband. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is designed to enhance your workout by helping to improve thermogenic activity and SWEAT! Working towards that hourglass shape. Getting one of these bad boys you can’t go wrong. 

My favorite on Amazon

Booty Bands
Booty bands are resistance bands for your legs and butt to help you achieve gains. These exercise bands exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure, and relieve pressure and fatigue effectively. With these, you don't have to worry about them rolling up or slipping down as practice in many different quart and lunge exercises. Add these bands to any workout type of your choice and feel the soreness as your legs go to work. Take hip thrusts, bridges, fire hydrants, and donkey kickbacks, lateral shuffle, different abduction, squat and lunge, variations to a whole new level to gain that shape you are looking for.

My favorite on Amazon

As you can see from the GIFs, I recorded some of these exercises for the gram as a fun post—since that was supposed to be the day my girls and I would have taken off for Miami for my BACH party. I hope you found the equipment I shared useful to help in many ways.


I add these tools to my many workouts with the SHOCK Women’s Fitness app to add that extra umph to building muscle and toning up. I love this app because it provides me with at-home workouts based on my desired goals and I see everything I need from my Apple Watch. My favorite part about this app is if an exercise requires a piece of equipment you don't have, just tap the screen and the app will show you a minimal equipment alternate exercise you can do.



This is a very stressful time for us all, so whether you’re trying to relieve some stress or keep everything tight for when your special day comes, we are all in this together and will get through it together!



Whether you are using equipment or not, keep going because you got this. Don't let the emotions and stress bring you down. I know I definitely find myself in a mood when my work load is bigger than normal or I'm just not feeling it and that's OKAY!!! Keep your head up, there are so many great things in store for you and your fiancé as we work through this pandemic.

Always happy to answer any questions you may have or just talk :)


Trimiesha is a guest blogger from the BACH community. BACH is not affiliated with Amazon or the SHOCK training app, or any of the products listed above.

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