Throwing a Silent Disco for Your Savannah BACH

September 24, 2020

With the world in such a strange place, it can feel super strange to even be thinking about planning a bachelorette party….trust us, we get it. However, there are ways to make celebrating the future MRS everything she dreamed of. 

Our friends in Savannah—Silent Disco Savannah—are taking the matter into their own hands and providing a service that will 1000% take your party to the next level. We know everyone has heard of a disco, but have you heard of a silent disco?! Just think—you and all your best girls, in a hotel room or an Airbnb, your best party dresses on, and dancing...all the dancing!! 

Silent Disco Savannah is a service where you can rent headphones that sync to bluetooth so up to three of your girls can be the DJ, at the same time. Put on a set of headphones, choose the station you want to listen to, and dance the night away! It’s the best way to stay socially distant, while still feeling like you’re in a party atmosphere. 

So whether you’re in Savannah for your BACH party or not, throwing your own “socially distant” dance party is definitely a MUST-DO!

Tips to having the Best Dance Party Ever: 

  • Create the ultimate party playlist so you’ll be everyone’s favorite DJ
  • Book Silent Disco Savannah to rent the headphones right in the BACH app
  • Decorate your room, like the one we used at the Alida Hotel in downtown Savannah, to make your bride feel special—we recommend balloons and streamers for super fun photos
  • Get all dressed up - no sweats allowed at this disco!
  • Sip on something bubbly!
  • We ordered some champs and a charcuterie board from room service and it did not disappoint. The Alida Hotel has a fabulous restaurant, The Rhett, that is a MUST for any gals coming here! 


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