We’ve rounded up a baker’s dozen of delicious TikToks that any bride-to-be can enjoy. From beach proposals to funny fiancés, here are the Toks we’re loving this week.

Which one are you? 👫

Seriously wish we were Monica, Phoebe, and Joey rn. 👀🤯

It’s official. We’ll never get tired of beach proposals! 💍


I SAID YES 💍❤️ @itsrivers

♬ Big, Big Plans - Chris Lane

Def guilty of being this friend. Who else? 🙋‍♀️

Perhaps the only dance your man will do willingly. Worth a try! 🙌


It’s easy to learn a dance when your beautiful wife is the one teaching 😍 ##marriage ##loveyou

♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) - Puri

One thing we’d rather be doing today? Peddling around Nashville singing Lizzo with Sal! 🍻🏙 (Book the Nashville Pedal Tavern for your bachelor/ette party in the BACH app!)

The coolest pupperinos we’ve seen all week! 🐶

Who else’s man would be guilty of doing this!? 🧴

This gal gives us ALLLL the bridal inspo! Which is season is your wedding- spring, summer, winter, or fall? 💐☀️❄️🍁

Give us all the plant bebes!! 🌿

Totally intrigued by this and trying it ASAP! 😻

One word: relatable 🤦‍♀️

Something to try when you FINALLY get to go on your BACH Party! Like always, tag us! 🥳💃


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How to up your IG Game: TOSS👏THOSE👏PROPS!👏

♬ SuperFunk - rossmcconnell