Rachel’s Favorite Austin Murals & Photo-ops

October 1, 2020

Congrats! You chose the best city in the U.S. to have your BACH party—now, I’m only just a littttttle bit biased ;)

Austin is known for its eclectic and off beat vibe, a little different from the rest of Texas. It’s the U.S. capital for live music and a hub for creatives and artists. So naturally there are a ton of amazing places to take photos to forever remember your weekend with your best gals!

I’ve compiled a list of my top ten Instagram-worthy places in Austin-but girlfriend-this is just a tip of the iceberg! Austin’s unique and quirky personality reverberates on every single street corner, so get out there and start exploring.

To help you get your footing location-wise, I start on South Congress and work up to the locations farther north. Just want to help you get an idea of where these are located in the city.  I’ve also included lighting tips to help you create the best photos possible! ☺ 


I Love You So Much Mural

1300 South Congress Ave Austin, Texas 78704

Perhaps one of the most iconic picture taking spots, you do not want to miss taking a picture with your babes in front of this mural! It's on the side of Joe’s Coffee (highly recommended) and on South Congress-a must for your BACH party. Across the street is Amy’s Ice Cream and the entire street is littered with unique little shops and amazing food!

Note: This has high/direct sun in the morning and is fully shaded in the afternoon

Kendra Scott Flagship Store

1701 S Congress Ave Austin Texas 78704

Also located on South Congress, the Kendra Scott flagship store has a beautiful mural on the side that periodically changes (but is guaranteed to be amazing!). And afterward you can shop for jewelry and might see Kendra herself (I have many times!)

Note: This has high/direct sun in the morning and is fully shaded in the afternoon

Feminist Proportions

111 E Cesar Chavez St Austin Texas 78701

This is a brand new mural for 2020 in honor of the 100th anniversary for women’s right to vote and it is beyond cool. The artists Sandra and Shepherd Fairey (Fairey did the Obama “Hope” poster) teamed up to create this jaw-dropping, 12 story mural that will blow your mind and make you proud to be a woman. It’s on the side of the LINE Hotel (highly recommended!). You should definitely go up to the LINE Hotel’s rooftop and grab cocktails. The hotel is also filled with amazing art and incredible photo opportunities, so I definitely recommend checking it out as well. It’s a super trendy hotel that hosted Teen Vogue’s birthday party last year.

Note: This is fully shaded in the morning and is in direct sun in the afternoon

Greetings from Austin

1702 S 1st Street

This is such an iconic mural, you can’t forget about it!

Tau Ceti

Corner of 2nd and Brazos

This 100 foot rainbow mural is a must see when visiting. It’s named after the star “Cetus” and represents the diversity and unity Austin has. Nearby is a great “Chelsea market” type dining experience called The Fareground.

Taquero Mucho

508 West Ave

This photo opp doubles as a delicious Mexican restaurant and I 100% recommend it! Its adorable pink exterior and interior are the cutest for taking pictures! Heck, even the bathroom is completely photogenic. This is a must go in Austin!


Tiny Pies

5035 Burnet Rd #100 Austin Texas 78756

Now heading a little bit north from the downtown area! This adorable bakery sells the cutest and most delicious tiny pies! It also happens to have a super cool mural on the side that is definitely worth taking pictures in front of!

Succulent Native

5501 N Lamar Blvd

Next we come to Succulent Native! The cutest little plant shop in Austin with an incredible mural on the outside. This is one of my favorite photoshoot places. The employees are very friendly plus I love to go buy a little plant after! They request that you tag them when posting a picture in front of their mural which is always nice to do-always be considerate ☺ 

Note: This has high/direct sun in the morning and is fully shaded in the afternoon


1102 Koenig Lane

Just two minutes away from Native Succulent is the beautiful “Hello!” mural. This assuming mural just has a little field in front of it and it is a lesser known mural in Austin, but still so cute!

Note: This has high/direct sun in the morning and is fully shaded in the afternoon

Erin Condren Mural

11601 Rock Rose Ave #128 Austin Texas 78758

This is one of my go to picture locations in Austin! It’s so cute and pink and it's surrounded by some of the best shopping and restaurants in Austin. It's about a 15 minutes drive from downtown (without traffic-definitely do not go during rush hour!)

There is it! I hope you have the best time in the best city in the US ;) Make sure you drop a comment if there is another mural in Austin that you love!

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