How To: Virtual BACH Game Night

June 1, 2020

Last week, we launched our virtual experiences to provide our brides and their friends with something fun to add to their Zoom parties. Along with celebrity hosted games and group classes and tutorials, we also premiered our own Virtual BACH Game Night.

The first round of Game Nights went hilariously well, with only a few awkward moments (hey, it’s not our fault a bridesmaid forgot the groom’s name). Here’s everything you need to know about how Virtual BACH Game Night works, based on some questions you’ve had:

What can we win?

During each Game Night, the group playing can win booze for their bride. If your team scores 50 or higher, we'll send her (1) 750ml bottle of JAJA Blanco Tequila!

If your group performs well enough, the bride will go on to our LIVE finale, where 4 brides from the 4 top performing groups will face off for the grand prize: $500 towards your BACH party fund. That’s enough to book a 2 hour private party on the Honky Tonk Party Express in Nashville, or a private party tour of Scottsdale on the Arizona Party Bike.

And here’s a little secret for our blog crowd: We’re working behind the scenes to secure even more prizes from the brands you love for our winning bride, and our runners-up of course.

What does it cost to play?

Admission to Virtual BACH Game Night is $10 per player. Your group will want 10 players (including the bride) to have the best shot, since scores are based on each match with the bride. We’ll explain that next...

How do we play?

Okay, now the fun stuff. First, your group will choose a deck of questions you’ll be playing with. You can choose the PG-13 deck and answer questions about the bride’s favorite colors and ice cream flavors, or if the bride’s little sister isn’t on the call, you can choose the Rated R deck and bring new meaning to the term “blushing bride.”

Then, the game starts. Your group will go through 5 rounds of questions in which you’ll try to match the bride’s answer. The host will ask the question, and each player will have 30 seconds to write their answer on paper (or a markerboard). The bride will also be answering the questions, and the group will get 1 point for each person that matches answers with the bride. The host will call for everyone’s answers after the 30 seconds is up and count the matched points.

The game concludes with a bonus challenge that the bride can complete for an additional 10 points.

Where do we play?

Once you’ve booked a time slot here or on the BACH app, you’ll receive a unique Zoom link where your party will be hosted. Everyone in your party will need the link to join. All you need is some paper and a marker or bold pen so you can write your answers large and clear for the host. Oh and a tasty cocktail of course. This is a bachelorette party, after all. You can even shake things up and make your players take a drink when they miss a question.

How long is a Virtual BACH Game Night?

Each game session lasts about 30 minutes. Not happy with your score? Book another game night! We track which questions each group is asked to make sure you get different questions each time, to keep things fresh for recurring players, and fair for single time players.

What if I don’t want to ask the bride’s friends to pay?

Just like an IRL party, there’s always a chance that some guests won’t want to participate in activities that charge a cover or come with an expense. Because your best shot at making it to the finale is with a group of 10, we’re allowing you to fill your team in with non-typical BACH party guests. Grab your mom, the bride’s brother, your quarantine partner—anyone that wants to play. Just remember that it will need to be someone that knows the bride fairly well, and you’ll want to consider which deck of questions you’re choosing. 

How do we book it?

Get Started

If you have any questions about BACH Virtual Experiences, please reach out to Team BACH at or call 1-844-777-BACH.

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